In Medical Assisting we took a test about veins, we had to learn each one of them. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t. Its really interesting how we are learning about something we have. I learn more and more every day, and it’s getting me to really like Phlebotomy.

When I first saw a nurse take blood, it looked really easy. I was like, “How hard can it be?” But, now that I know about it, I take all those words back. You have to practice, and practice more. Learn your veins, from both leg and arms, and everything will only get easier.

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Ten Little Indians

In English class, we are reading a book called, “Ten little Indians, and then there were none,” as a class. It was the #1 mystery back in the day, and I seriously don’t have anything to say against that. So far, its been such a good book. It kept me in suspense, and wonder at all times. I finished it like 2 or 3 weeks ago, I tried to stop reading it, but I couldn’t. Its such a good book.

Its interesting how there’s 10 people, blamed for certain crimes, and some weren’t even, “murders.” At least I wouldn’t call them a murder. For example, Anthony Marston, he was driving and ran over some kids, in accident. Even if he didn’t feel bad, it still wasn’t anything more than an accident. Another example would be, when Justice Wargrave, sentenced someone to death. He had to do it, its his job to make people pay for their actions.

Unlike, Vera Claythorne, she let the boy drown on purpose, that’s what’s called a “murder.” She didn’t try to help the boy, she stopped being careful on purpose. Another one, would be Emily Brent, she killed a girl who was pregnant. Who does that? I wouldn’t call that a accident? she obviously killed her just because she got pregnant, and that’s what a murder does.

This book was full of suspense, and I loved it. Glad I had the chance to read this book.

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3 of us .

My sisters mean so much to me, I always knew that. But, ever since I moved out I miss them more than ever. Aline is 14, and Tessi is a month away from turning 12. It’s been only 1 year and 3 months since I moved out, but it seems its been soo much longer. Every time I go and visit, they tell me everything that has happened in my absence, and we try and make my visits worth it. I seriously don’t know what I would do without them, and can’t get over the fact of how much they love my son. They’re the best, and I know I have their back. It kills me to know that I left them at such a young age, specially Tessi, but they’re both really smart, and I know they’ll be just fine and follow the right path like they have all along.



Jays Baptism .

In our Mexican heritage, every single baby gets a baptism, to clean their sins, and it’s also a welcoming from god to the baby. So on June 14 2014, my son was baptism, and we did a little party for him. His godfather, was one of my uncles, and he got to buy his outfit for the day. Which is another thing that every baptism must have. Anyway, I ¬†know that if anything was to happen to either me or jays dad he will take good care of him. His baptism was another accomplishment with my son. I love him so much.

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After almost a year.

My son is now 8 months, almost 9. Time really did go by fast. He now crawls and tries to sit up all by himself. I remember I used to always tell him “crawl baby, you can do it,” and he’d be scared. Now he chases me down, everywhere. In no time, he’ll soon start walking, I have no doubt it’ll be soon. Sooner than I think. These 9 months went by, taking care of him while I had to do all this homework, was hard. But, I did it. A lot of people said, “you won’t be able to do it. you’re young,” well I’m sure I proved them wrong now. All of us can do it, aslong as we strive to do it.

Happiest Day of My Life

The happiest day of my life was when I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it at all, but I knew I would try to be the best mother to him/her. As days went by, I had my first ultrasound. I was only 4, almost 5 months when they told me I’d be having a babyboy. I didn’t even wait for the sonogram nurse to announce it to my boyfriend, I told him myself as soon as I saw, “Its a baby boy!” My boyfriend’s excitement made me feel very lucky. Because, now in days most guys don’t take responsibility. My baby bump kept growing each day that passed. I remember his first movement, his first kicks, like it were to be yesterday. I was so happy, but I didn’t believe it was really happening until my baby shower. All the baby clothes, and my parents present, the babys car seat. A month later, I had my son. Words cannot describe how much I love him, how lucky I’am to have a really smart and adorable baby.